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Photos Updated:

February 7, 2023


Deposit Price


I'm Millie and I love to cuddle, my personality is very easygoing. Millie's first Vet visit was November 2nd and she does have a (pin point size) umbilical hernia. Umbilical hernias can be hereditary but most likely it happens during birthing if the mom pulls too hard on the umbilical cord, and it makes the area weak. If they are only pin point sized they usually resolve on their own.



Golden Cavapoo (Goldendoodle/Cavapoo)

Expected Weight

18-22 lbs

Birth Date

September 10, 2022

Take Home Date

November 12, 2022

What's Included

  •  Health Certificate

  •  Medical Records

  •  2 LB Bag Food

  •  Collar/Leash

  •  Small Blanket

  •  Microchipped

  •  Up To Date On Shots/Deworming

  •  Doggy Door Trained

  •  Leash Trained


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